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NSS Renewables focus totally on the commercial sector and have installed solar PV installations in the UK from 50kWp to over 500kWp; delivering major energy cost reductions for our Clients and significantly improving their carbon footprint together with optimum payback periods and typically, 10-12% ROI.

Our Clients

Case Studies - M&A Pharmachem Limited


M&A Pharmachem are a leading manufacturer of generic medicines, supplied to pharmacies, retailers and supermarkets throughout the UK, Europe and Africa. These are produced in a state of the art production plant in Bolton. This investment in high-speed production and packaging machinery saw M&A’s energy costs increase considerably to over £250,000 per annum. The increased demand for electricity put an additional load on the local electricity supply network, which would have required considerable expenditure on a new transformer and power cables into the production plant.

In parallel to this M&A Pharmachem were looking to address the carbon footprint of the business in partnership with a number of their key customers. From discussions with NSS Renewables, it became apparent that by installing a 250kWp solar PV system at their production facility the two issues could be addressed simultaneously with a very effective solution. In addition, the income from the Feed in Tariff together with the savings on electricity costs would allow the system to pay for itself in just over six years.


NSS Renewables used their PV design software to map the positioning of the 1000 solar panels across a complex roof layout which had a number of potential shading hazards which had to be avoided. The system was installed over a four week period with the south-facing solar array using high-efficiency panels, which will generate over 300,000 kWh of electricity per annum. The system is linked to three central inverters and through a G59/2 relay into the electrical supply system, with full fail-over and surge protection systems.



The system has immediately reduced the electricity charges at M&A and will generate considerable benefits and savings for the 25 year period of the Feed in Tariff. The load on the local supply network has been lowered significantly, eliminating the need for costly transformer upgrades.

M&A Pharmachem have been very impressed with the results of their investment and have subsequently installed a further 150kW solar PV system on their nearby warehouse.

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