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NSS Renewables focus totally on the commercial sector and have installed solar PV installations in the UK from 50kWp to over 500kWp; delivering major energy cost reductions for our Clients and significantly improving their carbon footprint together with optimum payback periods and typically, 10-12% ROI.

Our Clients

Case Studies - Lovania Nurseries Limited


Lovania Nurseries Ltd of Tarleton, near Preston is one of the UK's leading large scale plant growers, wholesalers and contract growers, producing over 65 million bedding, alpine, flowering and bulb pot plants each year. They supply garden centres and retailers throughout the UK.

In 2011, Lovania decided to install a solar PV system but were thwarted by the traditional solar suppliers who were unable to install across sections of the packing house roof. This was due to an ageing and fragile cement fibre roof which was located directly over the packing machinery. There was considerable concern that operations would be disrupted by falling debris.

Early in 2012, Lovania approached NSS Renewables (part of the Roofing Consultants Group) while we were completing a solar installation close by, to enquire if we could find a solution to the problem.


NSS Renewables was able to provide the perfect solution, by working hand in hand with our specialist Roofing Consultants.   The team evaluated the problem and identified the potential system size and financial returns for Lovania to provide a 50kW solar PV array. Roofing Consultants devised a roof replacement schedule, which would be performed out of hours, to provide a secure base for the solar system installation whilst ensuring no work disruption.


The old roof sheets were removed and replaced with new double skin, insulated, metal trapezoidal sheeting.  After a complete roof replacement, the 50kW solar PV system was installed.


The roof was replaced and the solar system installed within a two week period.  Lovania have subsequently enjoyed a number of significant benefits including:

  • savings on energy bills of over £10,000 per annum, due to the solar PV array and the insulated roof
  • a new roof which will provide a secure and waterproof environment for the next 25 years
  • a 5 year return on investment for the total project
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