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NSS Renewables focus totally on the commercial sector and have installed solar PV installations in the UK from 50kWp to over 500kWp; delivering major energy cost reductions for our Clients and significantly improving their carbon footprint together with optimum payback periods and typically, 10-12% ROI.

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Low Energy Lighting (LED)

A major energy saving opportunity for any business is to assess its' lighting, both indoor and outdoor. It is an area often taken for granted, but traditional lighting consumes considerable amounts of electricity, has a limited life-span and can be time consuming to maintain.

The alternative is to consider, LED lighting which is proven to be a very efficient modern alternative. LED lighting has a number of benefits, over traditional light sources:

  • LED's offers a considerable the reduction in power consumption
  • LED's are much more efficient which significantly reduces overall power consumption
  • LED's have an average operational life span of up to 100,000 (10+ years) hours; reducing maintenance and replacement costs
  • LED's give 100% light output immediately, without any warm-up period
  • LED's are ideal to use in combination with presence detection controls
  • LED's typically give you a Return on Investment (ROI) of 2 years or less
  • The cost of investment to switch to this modern, efficient is more affordable than you may think, this together with the benefits of extended operational life, reduced energy bills with an outstanding ROI, make it an ideal renewable energy solution for your business.

low energy led lighting

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